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Workplace Safety

Incident Investigation


Corporate Policy and incidents that require a thorough, well planned investigation that adhere to legal & ethical requirements. Who to talk to, what to ask, when and where to conduct your interviews, and how you may want to set the tone of your conversations. Documentation that gets the job done vs. what is just ink on paper.

Back Safety


Every employee is at risk of a back injury. What are the risks at your workplace? Covered are the physical structure of the back, proper prevention, care, and movements that may help avoid injury, medical expense, and lost days of work.

 1 - 2 hours

Lockout & Tagout


Energized or Mechanical equipment or machinery in the workplace that requires an energy control program. Review of Policy & Procedure, communication of, tagging and authorization. This is a must for inspection, maintenance, and even the "near-miss" or injury events.

1 - 2 hour's

Slip, Trip & Fall Prevention


Any business owner, property owner and manager should understand the financial exposure to the overlooked or unintended hazards in the workplace that jeopardize the health & safety of workers & visitors. This is one of the largest reasons for financial loss, workers comp. claims and can be easily avoided.

1 - 2 hours

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