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Workplace Violence Prevention


Stop Workplace Violence

Collectively, we all have a responsibility to Stop Workplace Violence. Through the topics below there are options on how you want to introduce & discuss this topic. These classes are designed to engage Owners, Management, HR, Legal, and Employees with Policy & Procedures and Common Sense to an everyday problem that when overlooked or mishandled can have lasting financial, physical, and psychological consequences.

Prevention Basics

Detection, notification, and intervention of physical, harassing, threatening, and/or disruptive behavior and the various routes the aggressor will travel to inflict harm.

Discuss Policy & Procedures and team approach that work to keep your approach ethical, legal, and everyone safe.

1 - 2 hours

Bystander Intervention

Either subtle or blatant behavior that anyone can see or hear directed toward another person that he/she, themselves, may not immediately see the harmful intent. What actions can be taken to intervene and prevent harm? Discuss and learn verbal and non-verbal cues along with what you can say or do to save someone you may or may not know.

1 - 2 hours

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