Concealed Carry Permits

Illinois Concealed Carry Classes & Private Lessons

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Active Shooter Presentations

Community resilience in the face of tragedy, too often there is another Active Shooter event and we are left with more questions than answers.

If you have the space to host 25 - 75 people for 2 hours - I will come a present an Active Shooter awareness for FREE.

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Bystander Effect & Intervention

Both Social & Psychological - Presentation & discussion on why individuals are less likely to help someone. To overcome and empower - develop ways to help and intervene preventing both physical and psychological damage to victims.

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Current Specials

We want to be the best learning and Safety support your business can have. We have put this offer together with your business in mind.

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AED Machines & First Aid Kits

We are now selling AED Machines from 6 manufacturers and AED Supplies. In addition, we can help with oversight of the machine for compliance & maintenance. We make "just what you need" First Aid kits for real emergencies.

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Risk Prevention

Customers have questions, we have answers. We provide Leadership, Guidance and Education to maximize growth and productivity in the workplace with Prevention Principles.

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