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First Aid

Basic First Aid


Covering the basic steps to prepare anyone on how to provide first aid in a safe and timely manner. 

While you learn how to treat you will also learn how to prevent Medical, Injury and Environmental Emergencies. 

2 - 3 hours

2 year certification

Use and Administer Inhaler, Epi-Pens & Naloxone


Inhalers & auto-injectors of life-saving medication is presented and practiced (trainers only). Legal considerations and proper response to these emergencies that can lead to death if untreated.

1 hour

2 year certification

Advanced First Aid


Government, Corporate, Industry, Law Enforcement, Corrections, Security, and other non-EMS responders that desire a deeper, more hands-on understanding on how to respond to illness & injuries.

16 hours

2 year certification

BLS certification required.

Sports First Aid & Injury Prevention


Education, Trainers, and Coaches - this training is foundational  to your job or enhancing your knowledge of what actions may  increase the chance of injury and what actions to take when they happen.

4 hours

2 year certification

Wilderness First Aid


Outdoor enthusiast, world travels, and youth programs that expose you and others to wildlife, wind, water, heat, cold - then this is the class for you. This is a comprehensive course for those that are either required to have the training or just want to dive deep into the great outdoors.

16 hours

2 year certification

Must be CPR/AED certified

Scouts BSA approved.

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