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Hazard & Fire Safety

Fire Extinguisher


Identify & recognize the difference in portable fire extinguishers. Discussion and presentation on the maintenance and documentation of extinguishers and how to use them.

1 hour

1 year certification

Office Safety & Hazard Identification


When we do the same thing repeatedly and nothing goes wrong there is an assumption that what we are doing and the environment we are working in is safe. Explore your workplace and learn how to identify and communicate basic safety steps that can help you and other avoid injury or worse.

1 hour class

Completion certificates: yes



Responding to emergencies that require proper clean-up and disposal, knowing proper storage and transport, and addressing communication when your business has hazardous materials present.

Audio visual presentation along with engaging interaction between the instructor and attendees makes this class comprehensive.

8 hours

OSHA compliant

May require site specific training.

Fire Drills & Evacuation Training


In any workplace it is assumed that there is a unified understanding of what to do if there is a fire. 

Learn the basics of Fire Detection, Notification, and Suppression systems - and importantly what is in your workplace!

Plan and practice your exit strategy.

4 hours

Requires site walkthrough prior.

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