Guiding Business to Safety with better Planning and Training.

About Us

Our Goal

Providing technical consultation for your Public or Private Business, Group or Organization, to be direct and to the point; Control Expenses, Reduce Risk, and Reduce liability in the Health, Safety, and Security initiatives.

Plan. Prepare. DO.

We bring a fresh perspective to decision makers that is free of previous opinions, prejudices, preferences, and organizational politics. We are in the business of Creating, Communicating, Exercising, Training, and Revising - methods of protecting your assets.

Accounting for and including Structural, Electronic, Human, and Interfacing components to create a  comprehensive Health, Safety, and Security System & Processes with consideration of many factors that include your schedule, needs, and budget.

Consulting fees are determined on each project.

Training Group rates start at $250.00


  • Vigilant
  • Attention to detail
  • Listen
  • Understand
  • Evaluate

The hidden benefit of our work for you is the Improved Morale, Teamwork, and Accountability toward the Prevention & Response to Emergencies.

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Plan, Prepare, DO

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